Integrated circuit board foundation

The integrated circuit board is a carrier for mounting integrated circuits. But it is often said that the integrated circuit board also brings the integrated circuit. The integrated circuit board is mainly composed of silica gel, so it is generally green.

The integrated circuit board uses a semiconductor manufacturing process to manufacture many transistors, resistors, capacitors and other components on a small single-crystal silicon wafer, and combines the components into a complete according to the method of multilayer wiring or tunnel wiring electronic circuit. It is represented by the letter "IC" in the circuit (there is also a text symbol "N", etc.).

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According to the functional structure, the integrated circuit board can be divided into two categories: analog integrated circuit board and digital according to its function and structure.

Analog is used to generate, amplify and process various analog signals (referring to signals whose amplitude changes with time. For example, audio signals of semiconductor radios, tape signals of recorders, etc.), and digital is used to generate, amplify and process various digital signals. (Refers to signals that have discrete values ??in time and amplitude. For example, audio and video signals for VCD and DVD playback).

According to the manufacturing process, it can be divided into semiconductor and thin film. Membrane is classified into thick film and thin film. According to the integration level, the integration level can be divided into small scale, medium scale, large scale and super large scale.

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What to pay attention to when using the water dispenser

Keep in mind the precautions when using the water dispenser. What should you pay attention to when using the water dispenser?

When using the water dispenser for the first time, don't be too busy to turn on the power. First open the water inlet below, and see that the water flows out before you can plug in the power supply, so that the heating tube inside will not dry and damage.

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The water dispenser should be placed on a stable place against the wall to avoid collisions. Do not let the sun shine on it. Especially in summer, when the sunlight is strong, long-term exposure will cause its material to change and become easily damaged.

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When placing the water dispenser, it is best to keep it slightly away from the wall, and ensure that the environment it is in is ventilated and ventilated, away from stoves, computer hosts and other heat dissipation items, so that it is easy to dissipate heat and moisture.

Do not leave the water in the water dispenser for a long time. The inner liner will have a layer of scale after a period of time. It is recommended to open and clean it once a month. About six months, special personnel are invited to carry out detection and disinfection treatment to ensure the safety and hygiene of the water quality.

If there is no one at home, it is recommended to turn off the power of the water dispenser at will, which can save electricity and prevent the loss of the machine when there is no water in the water dispenser. If you forget it, it is best to buy the automatic power off function Water dispenser.

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Characteristics of motor control system

The main features and functions of the motor drive system:

As one of the three core components of electric vehicles, the motor drive system is the main actuator of the vehicle, which plays a decisive role in the main performance indicators of the vehicle. The motor drive system directly affects the comfort, power and economy of the vehicle.

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Three-phase AC permanent magnet motor (DM) and motor controller (MCU) can be used to adjust the output current and motor speed. The motor and motor controller use water cooling to prevent excessive temperature.

The vehicle controller (VCU) should be able to issue various operation commands according to the driver's intention. The motor controller completes the response and provides feedback in order to adjust the output of the drive motor in real time and realize the various driving functions of the vehicle.

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The main function of the motor controller (MCU) is to perform real-time status and fault detection of the drive motor system and to perform communication and protection and fault feedback, which is another important function of the motor controller.

Drive motor development trend 5.1 Integration, in terms of motor: the motor can be integrated with the engine, transmission assembly and controller to the greatest extent.

In terms of controllers: more and more power electronic assemblies (controllers, power devices, sensors, power supplies, etc.) will be introduced, which is also the trend of future batch, generalization, and modular development.

permanent magnetization

Drive control system using vector control to achieve a wider speed range. permanent magnet motor has the advantages of high torque density and power density, large specific power, high efficiency, high power factor, high reliability and easy maintenance. permanent magnetization will become one of the important directions of motor development.


The use of software to the greatest extent replaces the hardware part to achieve functions such as communication, diagnosis, protection, and monitoring. Digitization of the control system is an inevitable trend in the development of motor drive technology.

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yashica MF-2 相機,採用 1980 年代的同名相機設計,功能也完全相同,預計將於今年 8 月左右出貨。



YASHICA MF-2將具備機械式10秒自拍和曝光不足提示功能,更加方便使用者;YASHICA MF-2和YASHICA MF-1同樣是使用35mm的負片菲林,即是兩者若配合yashica自家新推出的3款新菲林相信能發揮最好的效果。



現在人人都有部手機可以隨便影十幾廿張相,有趣的是,菲林相機卻再一次流行起來,撇開一些大廠高階菲林機給「龍友」不提,普通人都是用些俗稱「傻瓜機」的簡易菲林相機和一些即影即有機,而今年最令人驚喜的是yashica推出了MF-1 Snapshot菲林機,更加在11月底時會開始第二輪YASHICA MF-2菲林機的眾籌,如果你正想入手一部菲林機不妨考慮下YASHICA。








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